We have many satisfied commercial clients from shopping centers to hotels, warehouses to medical facilities and builders to property managers. Our knowledge of new trends in materials and applications allow us to offer you many options to meet your budget, design and maintenance requirements. We work on new construction as well as maintenance and restoration projects. Our work complies with VOC regulations and LEED specifications as requested.


Retail Spaces

Custom applications, logo themes on floors, walls and other areas can make your space a permanent advertisement for your brand. We’ll help you explore the most current techniques and styles and select the ones which best represent you to your clients. Your choices of color, design and application are an important part of the image you present to the public. We can help.

Office Suites & Complexes

We can assist you in creating a finish for your buildings and spaces that is environmentally friendly, cost efficient, comfortable for workers, and attractive. Our services include new construction and remodels from flooring to suites and work areas to common areas and public spaces. Each service requires a different level of expertise, skill, and product knowledge. Let us help you make your facility bright and attractive and provide environments which lead to higher productivity.

Grocery Stores

Whether yours is a neighborhood convenience type of operation or a large regional store, the use of appropriate coverings will enhance the appeal and usefulness of your space. A clean, crisp exterior with well defined interior sections will draw more shoppers to your operation. Storage, shipping and staff areas with low maintenance, durable surfaces provide long termcost effectiveness.

Shopping Centers

A clean, attractive exterior leads customers into your center so they can discover the various stores and services available. We work with you and your trusted advisors to create the theme you want. We do remodels, renovations and new projects from free standing buildings to regional centers. You’ll benefit from lower maintenance costs and increased traffic.

Shopping Malls

Our extensive experience and knowledge will save you money when building or renewing your mall. Exterior and interior applications are custom tailored to suit your property and your budget. A wide variety of materials to be covered requires a wide variety of skills and materials and we excel at doing the job right the first time. Your commercial tenants will be pleased with the results and you’ll be very satisfied with the quality, economy and timely completion.


You’ll benefit from our knowledge of the latest products to keep your facility looking sparkling clean and smelling fresh. We work on interior and exterior projects from floors to the roof tops. We understand how important safety and cleanliness are and we will suggest materials which will improve safety and stand up to repeated cleanings.

Medical Offices

You’re busy running your practice and we want to help you continue to do so. Our flexible work schedules allow us to complete the job to your specifications with a minimal impact on your staff and patients. A variety of materials, finishes and colors will make your office environment attractive as well as functional. Enjoy the benefits of the very latest in coating solutions which provide clean, sanitary conditions with minimal effort.

Dental Offices

Our attention to detail will please your clients and staff as well as you. Waiting and reception areas, staff offices and workspaces, exam and treatment rooms all require special consideration. Let us help you create an environment which reflects your professionalism and is staff friendly. Our ability to be flexible with our scheduling means minimal disruption to your practice.

Nursing Homes

We take special care to make sure the coatings and treatments used are well suited for this type of application. Ease of maintenance and safety are major concerns. We will make sure your facility complies with all applicable governmental requirements and industry standards. Our comprehensive, integrated approach results in minimal inconvenience and disruption.

Senior Citizen Facilities

We take care to provide the very best product with a minimum of inconvenience to your clients. The use of appropriate coatings for easy care and maximum safety is a primary concern. We do exterior, interior, common and private areas and special needs spaces. We also do new construction painting on these facilities. All our work is code compliant and meets or exceeds industry standards.


Our extensive experience and resources enable us to handle all aspects of the coating and painting processes for your resort. Complete renovation, partial remodel or construction of a new facility can all be accomplished within your budget and timelines. We comply with all applicable government regulations and have the licenses needed for various types of jobs. We can make your resort shine from the entrance to the guest suites to the conference facility.

Hotels & Motels

New construction, update or makeover? Attract new clients with a new, upscale look. Our resume includes makeovers of historic hotels and state of the art contemporary buildings. Attention to the smallest details and knowledge of a wide range of products and applications allow us to satisfy your special requirements. Flexible scheduling reduces down time for your property and we’ll finish on time and within budget.

Restaurants & Clubs

We can bring your dream concepts to reality economically, professionally and in a timely manner. Creative exteriors, easy to maintain service areas and public spaces which reflect your vision are all possible with our experienced and well qualified staff. The wide variety of materials available today require specialized knowledge obtained only through experience and education. We know how to do these special applications efficiently with attention to detail.