Industrial projects vary greatly in scope and type and all require skill and an acute awareness of safety procedures. We are OSHA compliant and have experience with most types of industrial jobs. We are able to schedule crews to work within your needs. Our knowledge of different coverings and application methods is the reason for our continued success in this field.


Silos & Water Towers

We do jobs from 1 tank to several hundred. Inside and out with special products as required. We complete a thorough evaluation and preparation before any coatings are applied. Make your facilities gleam like new while adding years of service through the use of modern products. We are very conscious of safety and environmental issues and comply with all applicable code requirements.

Metal Structures

Whether you want a new building painted to provide a long life and easy maintenance or an older building cleaned up and resurfaced, we can do the job. Preparation of the structure is our essential first step and we do it thoroughly. Selection of the proper coating for your particular use and the careful application of it will provide you with a structure which will serve you well.


We paint various types and sizes of warehouses to your specifications. New construction or existing buildings are within the scope of our service. We make sure the surface is properly prepared before the application of any coating to ensure the product will last and provide long term value for you. We are experienced with different types of building materials, uses and covering products.

Water & Fuel Tanks

Preparation is the first essential of a lasting coating for a tank. We will make sure the integrity of the tank materials is sound and prepare the surfaces before applying any sealants or coatings. The tank material and purpose may require special materials and we will review options with you to help you select the best product for your needs.